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Community Conversations About Education
Chelsea Bonini

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About Me

I am a former kindergarten teacher, a mom, a former PTA President, a former School Board Trustee, a County Commissioner, a business owner, an attorney, and an education, disability rights and housing advocate. I am dedicated to making a difference and to bringing positive change to San Mateo County.

I am running for San Mateo County Board of Education in November 2020 to help build stronger connections between our schools and communities in partnership for success. Your voice is important in this partnership.

I believe that if we work together Countywide, we can find a way to pay teachers more and to support their amazing work for our kids - and to ensure that our families and professionals have roofs over their heads, food in their bellies, and that their physical and mental health needs are met.

Together, we can be more efficient, more engaged, and more effective in reaching our common goals.